Real Aula Mallorquesa
The only Official Site of the Real Aula Mallorquesa

The Real Aula Mallorquesa is an academic body registered in Italy (rep. 92018/10515 - 1980, Catania).   

The Real Aula was first founded as 'Escuela Miramar' by James I of Aragon in 1276.  The Aula is an academy of higher education and an international non-profit cultural organisation.  

The Real Aula is administered by a Chancellor, a Dean and a number of Presidents, forming the Senate of the Academy.  

The Real Aula is entitled to issue diplomas, however, these do not constitute academic titles and therefore do not infringe with states own legislation on this matter.

Academic recognition allows member to use the arms of the Real Aula.  The Real Aula acts under the auspices of HRH Don Francesco Paterno' Castello.

The Academy publishes a bulletin (ISSN 14240777) and extracts of the articles can be viewed in this web site.  

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